Antimachia Castle

The Castle of Antimachia is another magnificent fortress which was built by the Knights of St. John in the 14th century. Built around the same time as the Nerantzia Castle in Kos town, the date of 1494 would indicate that fortifications were completed by then.
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The outer walls of the castle still stand strong today. When you have passed through the first gate in the great semi-circular barricade, you can see the Knights' coat of arms above the next great entrance.
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It is obvious why the castle was built in this position as it commands views across the strait that separates Kos from the Turkish coast, and has clear visibility to the surrounding countryside. With only one entrance and exit, doubly fortified, it has withstood many attacks.
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Kardamena sits under the shadow of the castle and there is a path leading from the village for anyone who likes to walk. It is a beautiful walk but not one to be done in the heat of the day!
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Unfortunately, within the walls little remains standing. You can still walk on the paths that weave their way through the houses, stores and other buildings that were once here. The castle was used as a refuge at times of attacks and so a small village was effectively built to house locals, along with the Knights and men at arms. 
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Within the grounds are 2 churches: Agios Nikolaos dating from the 16th century and Agia Paraskevi dating from the 18th century. Both churches are usually open and there are still frescoes to be seen on the walls.
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The castle is easily accessible by car or scooter from the main road and is definitely worth taking the time to visit.
Note - best NOT to take photos of the military base on the right of the road as you approach the castle!!
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